Selected Projects

Abstraction I

An amalgamation of warm colours as they mingle in various rounded shapes.

Geometric Forest

Geometric pattern of a forest. Coloured in greens with hints of blues and orange.

Pink Assorted Hearts

Features a assortment of hearts shaded in pink on a lush pinky plum backdrop.

Harlequin – Ghost Whites

Elongated ghost white harlequins are tiled neatly on top of a light grey backdrop while a being framed inside lines. Within the pattern, a few of the harlequins are zoned with horizontal lines filling out their space.

Flowery Bouquet

Pattern of flowers in a bouquet of 3 with scattered petals and shards of grass.

Pastels & Crossings

Retro styled artwork featuring pastel shades of yellow, green and pink. Housed within geometric shapes which diagonally cross on top of each other.

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