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So we are nearing the end of another year and this marks yet another year of me fumbling in the dark as I use Instagram. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the app and I am trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone, so instead of liking in fantastic posts, I also do my best to comment back as I want to get more of my voice out there rather than a nameless like. Anyway, enough rambling, this blog post is about the wonderful Instagram accounts that have been a complete blessing of inspiration to me!

As a reminder The style that I like is usually limited to where there is emphasise on the lines, shapes and use of colour to make an image come together, so when I started off on Instagram that was the focus of who I decided to follow, but I realised they didn’t help much to inspire me so instead I started to look further afield and so I fell upon a few accounts that I will be listing here as well as why I find them to be so inspiring.

Also, they are not in any particular order!


I cannot remember exactly when I started to follow Drew’s art account, but I remember finding it on the Explore tab one morning and I liked that he was exploring his style.

Now I can see such a massive improvement in his line art plus his exploration of his own style has flourished and I feel that is one of the reasons why I follow him because I too am still growing in my craft so seeing his consistency and growth in his skills inspires me to continue. Additionally, his taste is music is also a plus.

See for yourself in his work:


As a fellow Society6 artist, I have a lot of respect for this lady and her instagram feed gives me so much life. It is filled with colours and textures. Plus, her style makes me envision the endless possibilities of how her art can be transferred onto many surfaces.

Here’s a few of Daniela’s work:


If you are a lover of patterns, like me, then you will like this next instagrammer. Filled with bright hand-drawn patterns, Ms Whetnall post’s constantly makes me want to put pen to paper and incorporate a more organic feel to my art and in fact I have tried my hand at it. But it is definitely a style I want to work more with in the future

That said, the posts by Francesca are wonderfully playful and have such a wide scope of possible outcomes such as this great usage of wallpaper on a staircase.

See for yourself:


Being a Londoner, it is normal to have a grey day. So whenever I see a post by Rosie, it absolutely makes my day because they are so vibrant. The colours, the patterns and the outfit in her posts all breed inspiration and helps me immensely just to continue through my day as well as helps me in my creative endeavours.

Also have to add of how difficult it was to choose just 3 of her posts to show as they are all so amazing.

Soak up these wonderfully colourful stories:

Now, these aren’t the only inspiring people I follow on Instagram, but they are the ones who have really wow’ed me this year!

If you want to check out who inspired me in 2017 from Insta, check them out here.

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