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My Instagram Inspirations – 2017

My Instagram Inspirations – 2017

Instagram, the mobile picture sharing application that many know and use. Now for me, it was only recently that I started using it and was clueless… I still am clueless but I do what I can with it! But anyway, this blog post is about the wonderful Instagram accounts that have been a complete blessing of inspiration!

The style that I like is usually limited to where I can emphasise on the lines, shapes and use of colour to make an image come together, so when I started off on Instagram that was the focus of who I decided to follow, but I realised they didn’t help much to inspire me so instead I started to look further afield and so I fell upon a few accounts that I will be listing here as well as why I find them to be so inspiring.

Also, they are not in any particular order!



I found her by chance when was looking at colours for a print and was I in luck! Her account totally gives me life because it is constantly filled with positivity as well as gorgeously colourful backdrops. Additionally, within the backdrops, there are always different textures, natural patterns and fantastic spacial awareness that you can spot which endlessly causes my creative spark to go crazy!

See for yourself in a few of are few of her snaps:


This account features plant photography and before you say you aren’t interested in plants, I have to point out that they are superbly photographed. On top of that, the number of patterns I can see in each photograph is wonderful. The best thing about plants, that I’ve noticed, is that since no two are the same using them as a go-to reference for a patterned art piece will make it feel a lot less manufactured and more organic.

Lastly, the variety of plants allows for variety in colours as again no two plants are the same so this gives such a good interjection of difference when I am browsing through my Instagram feed due to the distinct amalgamation of hues in the posts.

Check out a few of the lushness here:



Now, if it were possible for minds to be linked then I would say this account is connected to mine. But sadly, it is not. It is connected to a Fashion print account, can view it here, so is probably why I fell in love with this account since I am absolutely mad for patterns!

(*calms myself*) That aside, the posts are wonderfully geometric, abstract and have a meaning which (for the latter) is something I am aiming to put more off into my work.

See for yourself:



When you see the style of this poster, you may stop and think it doesn’t fit as it isn’t so similar to the previous ones. Now you are not wrong if that was your thinking, I would never be able to do a similar style as it isn’t my calling and my patience is too short to want to learn how to. But that does not stop me from appreciating the amazingly breathtaking artwork that Kat does. Every post I see from her, I get goosebumps because they use ooze talent and skill as well as a definite flair that no one else that I know have has which is why I admire her work so much.

If I were meant to be out and about and see gorgeous water-coloured artworks, I believe I’d be able to note which was hers as her style is just that noticeable and for me, that is great to see as I still have not found my signature yet.

Soak up the magic! Here are few of her work from Instagram:


Now, these aren’t the only inspiring people I follow on Instagram, but they are the ones that first come to mind!

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