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Feeling Empathetic

Feeling Empathetic

Sadness? Optimism? Happiness? Whichever it may be, the album, Long Live The Angels by Emeli Sandé floods me with great waves of emotion.

Now, there is an interest of mine that I don’t show often (or at all?) and it is my love & appreciation of music. Due to that is why I dedicate this Muses post to this wonderful album. I have been a fan of this gently rapturous singer from her first album and now with the second, she delivers it so beautifully.

The opening track, Selah, is short yet gives me feels of rediscovery and rebirth all rolled into one. It totally opened me up to the welcomed mess of emotions the whole album put me through. From feeling high bursts of optimism in Breathing Underwater to being totally empathetic as I listened to Hurts. I can say, this album is truly inspiring and makes you take a step back and reflect on yourself which is rare for me since music nowadays seems to be more about dancing rather than being an expression of an artists’ mind. With the latter being my preference.

One of the qualities of this album that I praise is that it embodies the experiences of life, love and relationships. Because of that is why music means so much to me. Maybe I am just a softy at heart and I take things possibly too personally, but it makes me who I am and I definitely want that quality to be more evident in the art that I do.

My favourite tracks from the deluxe album are: Selah, Give Me Something, I’d Rather Not, Lonely, Tenderly, Babe and Kung Fu.

Recommend that you all check out her album on Spotfiy!

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