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Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism

Negative space. Clean linesSimple.

Lately, those three words have been appearing to me in many different forms. So, as they say, when something is said three times or more, you kinda have to take notice of it and that’s exactly what I have been doing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have noticed that I have been posting work that aren’t my usual pattern pieces and there is a focus on the use of thin black lines which are contrasted by a stark white backdrop. So far I’ve experimented with strong clear angles in the form of a geometrical fish and a modern “miniopolis” style artwork. From here, I want to create pieces that pull your eye across the canvas, pieces that become surrounded by white space as well as clean drags of black that doesn’t appear heavy or dark.

After that I may look into the inverse of playing with black as the background colour with white being the gentle focus. But will see. If you want to see my work in progress on minimalism? being my new muse. Then do follow me over on my Instagram account!

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