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Blue Winter Room Ideas

Blue Winter Room Ideas

The year is going by so quickly and before we know it, we will be hit with the full brunt of winter! But never fear, once we all get indoors to where we call home can easily warm up.

Here are some ideas accessorise a room for winter using blue as the main go-to colour.



Art Print

Maze Blue - Art Print

Maze Blue, art print. Can get it on Curioos.



Throw Pillows

A great way to add colour and comfort to a room without doing much. These throw pillows are simple yet effective and will add a mass amount of comfort to a room!

The White Fae
by Sheldon Stewart

The White Fae, Throw Pillow

Winter Wilderness
by David Lichtneker

Winter Wilderness, by

Gingham (Aqua Cyan/White)
by 10813 Apparel

Gingham (Aqua Cyan/White)




Wall Tapestries

Not looking to be so daring with wallpaper or do a complete recolour? Then you are in luck as these wall tapestries, at their largest, come in near 9 foot along the longest edge! Also, since the seasons’ change, you can easily take down the tapestry whenever you like without any strenuous DIY decorating. Brilliant!

Watercolor Winter
by Julia Snova

Watercolor Winter

Blue Industry
by Sheldon Stewart

Picture of a wall tapestry that features the "Blue Buildings" abstract artwork

Winter Snowflakes
by Tom Lee

Winter Snowflakes



The key strengths, for me, when piecing together decor items lie in the ones that are non-bulky. So bed sheets, a rug or even a wall clock can make an impact on a room. Get the accessories right and they will make the whole room feel in sync. Do let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments! Whenever you’re looking to change up a room in your home, how do you go about it?

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